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Updated 04/13/2000

Added a bunch more stuff

   So I guess you're wondering why I call this my "Ultimate" .mid page. Well let me explain.....Not long ago I went through a phase of downloading and collecting midi files. Some I liked, some I didn't. The ones I liked I kept. The ones I didn't like were trashed. Not long after that, we became hard up for disk space. Some more had to be trashed. These are what's left....The Best of the best. .....The cream of the favorites. These are on my computer, and they will remain there. These are great. Some of these are to drink coffee to. Some of these are are to surf to, some to sleep to, and some just to listen to. For those of you at'll need a soundcard and speakers. At the bottom of the page you'll find my E-Mail. Please write and let me know you were here.

Tainted Love
Cornflake Girl
Sultans of Swing
Thanks to "Chiu" for sending me 99 Red Balloons.
Thanks to "Bigpapa313" for submitting this great James Bond .mid.
Ben sent me this one. He did it himself. Thanks Ben. Sounds great !!!
Thanks to "Lindsey02" for idintifying this one...It's Bach.
Ramones . I want to be Sedated !!!
"Pantdrop83" sent in this Alman Brothers song and it's well done. Thanks Pantdrop !!!
The Rain Song.
Cats in the cradle.
Very Cool. Coffee drinkin' music.....
One of my favorite bands.....Rush.....Here is 2112.
The Addams Family.
A "Must have" first thing in the morning.
I got this from a game. Good surfing music.
This why I call this site the "Ultimate".
Pink Floyd.
Because the Night.
Led Zeppelin... "Babe".
I call this one "Bee Bop".
Very dark and black....Spooky.
Nine inch Nails
More Led Zeppelin...Boogie with Stu.
For all you Rocky Horror fans. Here's Brad & Janet.
More Led Zeppelin. Bring it on Home.
More Rush. Closer to the Heart.
More Pink Floyd.
People are People.
Led Zeppelin. Dazed and Confused.
Yet another Zeppelin tune. Can you tell I'm a fan ???
Still more Zeppelin . The Battle of evermore.
Fugue#2 in E Minor.
Gangsta's Paradise.
Get Smart...Memories.
Yet more Pink Floyd.
If you leave me now.
Jazzy !!!
More Jazz. Love it !!!
The Exorcist!
Steely Dan.
The Lowspark of High heeled Boys.
Oh...What a lucky man he was.
I didn't realize I had so much Pink Floyd.
Spice Girls.
More numbing Floyd !!!
Pink Panther. Very Cool.....
Stairway to Heaven.
Rocky Horror...Time Warp !!!
The Simpsons.
Marilyn Manson.
Todd Rundgrun
Here's Rush again with "YYZ"
Apollo 13 ?
Metallica. For whom the Bell Tolls.
I think this is Metallica.
This is called "Cult Beat"
Metallica. Enter Sandman.
Hadaway 1.
Hadaway 2.
Holier ???? *SHRUG*
Inner Circle
Metallica. One.
Metallica. Master of Puppets.
The Real McCoy ? ... whatEVER ! (cool dance stuff)
Rmiles ??? WTF ?
Rmiles 2. (turn up your volume 'cause this one's really quiet)
Star Wars. Very well done.
T2. That's all I have on it.
U96. That's all I have on it. Sounds like some movie sound track or something.
Metallica. Unforgiven.
Barbie Girl
I Love Rock-n-Roll
No Doubt
Cotton Eye Joe
Tub Thumpin
Walking on the sun.

Thanks for stopping in and check back soon !!!

If you know any good midi songs I should add to this collection, send it to me. If I like it I'll put it up.
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